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Using CAD to Create Your Perfect Garden Room

CAD render of garden room with study, living room and bedroom

SmartSpaces offer a unique service as part of our design process, that truly helps you to visualise your garden room. We take a photo of the area where you would like your garden room, and once your site survey is completed, our specialist designers use CAD and CGI tools to bring your garden room vision […]

Are Garden Rooms Warm In Winter?

Cladded garden room with bi-fold doors in the snow

A question many people ask us about garden rooms is whether they can be used all year round? This is an important consideration, as good old British winters are often quite cold. In fact, many days in the spring and summer can also be quite chilly! 

How much value does a garden room add?

Cladded garden room with closed bi-fold doors

Will a garden room add value to my home? An important question to consider when adding a garden room at your home. The short answer to this question is YES!