Many schools, universities and nurseries are beginning to look beyond the traditional classroom by incorporating outdoor learning into the curriculum. This is where SmartSpaces can help.


SmartSpaces can help install your outdoor learning spaces and have experience of working with many schools and educational facilities creating outdoor spaces for libraries, individual classrooms, breakout rooms for children in crisis / special needs, music rooms and school storage for sports equipment. Design specific for your educational need.

Outdoor Classroom Benefits

An outdoor classroom has the following benefits:
Nature is a great stimulator, and being outdoors can increase creativity and critical thinking. The connection with nature can foster a sense of appreciation and respect for the environment, and in turn this provides a different perspective on learning, leading to the development of critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of the world around them. Fresh air can improve well-being, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase focus and concentration. In fact, a meta-analysis from 2022, titled “A Systematic Review Protocol to Identify the Key Benefits and Efficacy of Nature-Based Learning in Outdoor Educational Settings,” recommended that every child’s school experience should include outdoor learning of some kind.
As class numbers increase, outdoor classrooms can provide the extra space that is vitally needed; maximising school grounds and limiting disruption.
An outdoor classroom can offer a sheltered spot in wet or windy weather, and a shaded space in hot and sunny weather. This means that outdoor learning can take place whatever the weather.
A dedicated outdoor space can provide more opportunities for hands-on lessons such as art projects, science experiments or music lessons; activities that may not be offered in a more traditional indoor environment, or that you may not have the space for.
When taking part in outdoor adventure education, exploring school gardens, going on field trips, and with classes taught in natural environments, it may be time consuming to keep meeting up indoors to share findings. This is where a SmartSpaces outdoor classroom can really help.
SmartSpaces outdoor classrooms are of permanent construction; they provide a solid space for outdoor lessons without having to leave the school grounds. This in turn gives long term structure to lessons; allowing teachers to plan their outdoor time more easily.
Outdoor classrooms can be used for multiple reasons such as libraries, music lessions, drama classes, a quiet space for child in crisis or counselling session. These are also frequently used for after school activities, wrap around care and school clubs.
It’s not just the students who benefit from outdoor learning, a recent study by an outdoor learning project found that outdoor learning positively impacted teachers’ job satisfaction, teaching quality, health, wellbeing, and happiness.

There are various funding options available for educational facilities for adding an outdoor classroom and SmartSpaces are happy to discuss this further.

Outdoor Classroom Design Features

SmartSpaces have ‘off the shelf’ builds that you can choose from, or we can build a completely bespoke solution.


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