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Our construction methods and product materials

Our design and construction methods are meticulously engineered to provide the finest quality garden room product available on the market; and all at the best possible price.

You are guaranteed the same high-level quality throughout the entire product range from SmartSpaces. As standard, each of our garden builds come with all the essentials you may need to get you settled into your new space right away — all that would be required is your electrical connection to your home which we can quote for and complete for you.


Strong foundations make a safe and secure building. We ensure that the foundations are suited to the ground conditions of your garden. We will check the integrity if a concrete slab is already in place or we’ll install mini-pile foundations. These minimise cost and disruption to your garden and are simply drilled holes that are filled with concrete and capped. They provide excellent, strong footings for the structure that will support it for the lifetime of the building.

Our buildings are designed to be raised clear of the ground, creating a cavity under the building for ventilation and further protection against damp and condensation.

If the surface is sloped or unsuitable in any way for standard foundations our team will consult with you on designing a specialised solution.


We use layers of both composite and natural materials, that creates a barrier to prevent moisture entering the building and trapping heat in, for all-year-round comfort. This makes the walls an impressive 100mm thick. We ensure that all joints are fully sealed and checked.

We then wrap the exterior in a breathable membrane, allowing moisture to leave, but not enter the building, eliminating the chance of damp problems.


We build the floor from multiple layers of composite materials, to form a thick barrier against the damp and cold. We use a minimum 125mm x 47mm Structural grade c24 pressure treated timber to make the floor frame.

We have a choice of internal laminate flooring available that our team will discuss with you.

Exterior Cladding

Only once we’re happy that the walls are fully waterproofed, insulated and sealed, we clad the exterior with your choice of wood from Western red cedar, Larch, Redwood, Thermowood (Scandinavian redwood). Standard cladding is European Redwood. All cladding is pressure-treated by a tanalising process and with an environmentally friendly preservative. This is enough to guarantee against rot for a minimum of 10 years.

We aim to make the cladding pattern as unbroken and attractive as possible, using single length board that doesn’t need cutting. This also helps the walls to stand up to all weather conditions.

Our cladding is pre-treated and won’t need any extra treatment. If you want a painted finish, you can choose from a variety of colours when ordering. The boards will be painted in our factory before installation.

Durable Timber Frame

Our pressure-treated timber frame construction means we can be flexible in what we offer you. The design and build are customisable and can be made-to-measure for your garden, allowing you to choose window and door locations. If you want a bespoke design, please speak to one of our team and they will assist you.

Luxurious Finishes

The walls and ceiling are covered with 12.5mm plasterboard then skimmed for a beautifully smooth finish giving you a stylish blank canvas to personalise.

Roof Construction

We use one of two methods to construct the roof depending on your preferences. Method 1: Use a structural grade timber frame, over-boarded, then layered with a rubber membrane that provides a seamless waterproof covering, with expected lifespan of 25 years. Method 2: We will install composite fully-insulated roof panels, which are large steel corrugated sheets, interlocking to provide a fully water-tight seal. Available in a variety of colours.

Door & window profiles, glazing & locks

The stylish UPVC windows and doors come in a selection of colours. We use thermal efficient tempered glass for added safety.

The doors are secured with multi-point locking systems. Door and window handles are available in a range of styles and finishes including chrome, brushed chrome, white and matt black.

Planning Permission

The regulations were changed in October 2008, allowing garden buildings to be built without planning permission, as long as certain conditions are met.

We ensure that all of our garden buildings are below the stipulated 2.5m height, allowing them to be sited near a boundary.

The only exceptions are if you live in a listed building, flat, maisonette or area of outstanding natural beauty, in which case you should contact your local planning authority.

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