Funding Sources for Schools and Education

Funding sources for further education

In the UK, there are several funding sources and programs available to help school trusts develop their capacity to grow and take on underperforming schools. These initiatives aim to improve the quality of education and support the growth of multi-academy trusts (MATs). Here at SmartSpaces we want to make this easier for you to know what funding sources are available and have created the below blog to help. Here are some funding opportunities and programs to consider:

Academy Conversion Grant

The Department for Education (DfE) offers Academy Conversion Grants to support schools in converting to academy status and joining or forming multi-academy trusts.

Trust Capacity Fund

The Trust Capacity Fund is designed to help MATs and single-academy trusts (SATs) strengthen their capacity to drive school improvement. It provides funding to trusts that plan to take on additional schools and those that have academies facing specific challenges.

MAT Development and Improvement Fund

Some grants and funds specifically target MATs for development and improvement. Check with organisations like The Key and the Confederation of School Trusts for updates on available funding opportunities.

Educational Foundations and Charitable Organisations

Various educational foundations and charitable organisations, such as the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Foyle Foundation and Learning Through Landscapes, offer grants and support for educational projects, including those aimed at improving school trusts

Research and Innovation Grants

Grants from organisations like the Education Endowment Foundation can be used to support research and innovative projects that enhance educational outcomes within school trusts

Local Authority Support

Some local authorities may provide grants or support to MATs to help them grow and take on underperforming schools, especially if it aligns with the local educational improvement strategy.

Community and Partnership Grants

Explore community and partnership grants that foster collaboration between trusts and other educational organizations to drive school improvement.

Government Initiatives

Stay updated with government initiatives aimed at improving education. New programs and funding opportunities may become available over time.

It’s essential for school trusts to carefully assess their needs, develop robust plans for school improvement, and actively engage with relevant authorities, including the Department for Education, Regional School Commissioners, and local authorities. Additionally, keep a watchful eye on announcements and updates related to funding and support programs, as opportunities may evolve over time. You may be interested in our outdoor classrooms for schools, universities and nurseries.