How much value does a garden room add?

Adding value to your home with a garden room.

Will a garden room add value to my home? An important question to consider when adding a garden room at your home. The short answer to this question is YES!

Garden buildings are a unique and cost-effective space creating solution that can add appeal and value to your home. But how much value does a garden room add?

“Yes, there is no doubt that a garden room can add significant value to your property.”

– Robert Ellis | Nutbrook Property

Increased floor space:

A garden building allows you to add floor space to your home in a quick and hassle-free way. If you’re looking to create a home office, gym or studio then removing a bedroom or other conventional room in the home is not the most appealing way to do it.

A garden building is a completely separate and new space that offers privacy as well as full flexibility to be transformed into anything! Whilst a garden room might not add as much value to your property as a traditional home extension or loft conversion, the value for money vs increased value is often much better than traditional extension alternatives.

Wow Factor:

SmartSpaces garden rooms are unique spaces that are a modern and beautiful addition to your home and garden. Having a garden room at your home will create more interest in your property should you come to sell. The higher number of viewings tends to mean a quicker sale, and as a result the asking price is normally met because potential buyers don’t want to miss out.

Now, more than ever, there is a need for these garden rooms and there is absolutely no questioning the fact that these are very desirable features of a home.”

– Robert Ellis | Nutbrook Property.

Attract business owners and people who work from home:

Having a dedicated office space is fast becoming an essential feature for prospective buyers. Home offices are mentioned in the majority of our conversations with prospective buyers. Having a Smart home office in the garden away from the house can now make or break a property deal.

People may not be commuting to the office every day but they still like the structure of leaving the house to go to work.

A garden room provides that physical and mental distance between home life and work life.

– Luke Jackson, Branch Partner – Michael Graham Buckingham Office.

Attract fitness fans or hobbyists:

A garden gym is an investment into your home and health. Fitness conscious buyers will see the benefit of a dedicated space to focus on their fitness goals, without interrupting (or being interrupted by) other members of their household.

Add Value:

Garden rooms can add 1.5x their value to a home depending on the quality of the build, therefore covering the cost of the installation.

Luke Jackson at Micheal Graham estate agents has found that “Not only does a garden room attract more buyers to your property, but a high-quality garden room can also boost the value of your home by 5% to 15%

Robert Ellis of Nutbrook Property said: “I would estimate that the value-added would be about 1.5x the cost of the building installation. The convenience value is also significant and must be considered for homeowners.

Robert Ellis of Nutbrook Property also says: “Whilst a lot of the value is attributable to the extra space it creates, a garden room is modern and stylish and adds to the whole appeal of the property. There is no doubt that the quality of the building adds significant value too.” A poor quality building is more likely to put off potential buyers, so choosing the right supplier is key. That’s where SmartSpaces can help.

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