July 9, 2022

Reasons why working from home can make you happier

If the Monday commute has got you wishing you could be working from home, you need to read this!

For many, working from home creates the ideal work-life balance. With non-existent commutes and a relaxed environment helps you to get work done without the usual distractions.

Home office set-ups can sometimes be less than ideal. Home workers are constantly seeking ways to enhance their productivity and well-being, as well as comfort. If you’re a home worker who’s had enough of being crammed into a box room. Maybe it’s time to look outside your home for the ultimate office solution.

Working from a garden office space detached from the house can not only make your working day more productive, it might even make you happier.

Being close to nature reduces stress

We are always being reminded of the importance of getting outdoors and how this can positively impact our health and well-being. Looking out onto your garden can help to create a calmer more creative environment. Add some glass sliding doors to help to bring the outside in!

Home distractions become a thing of the past

Whether it’s noisy family members, or the home phone ringing. With a garden office you are the perfect distance away from home to block out distractions, yet close enough to keep it practical. With a quiet space dedicated to your work you can enjoy a clearer distinction between the two. Maybe nipping back to the house for a well-earned brew!

You’ll enjoy your commute again

Maybe the reason you started working from home was due to a nightmare commute. The simple action of walking out of your back door and down the garden path gets you into a productive mindset and focused. As well as giving you an invigorating blast of fresh air to get you going for the day. When it’s time to shut up shop, you’ll enjoy that same feeling of leaving everything behind.

The team at SmartSpaces are experts in designing and installing high-spec, well-equipped garden offices of all shapes and sizes. From installing your internet connection, to adding built in worktops (or even an en-suite if the house is just a little far away!) We can help design every element of your dream work space.

Get in touch with the SmartSpaces team and start planning the additional space you need for that work life balance you keep promising yourself.

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