What are the benefits to an outdoor classroom?

School grounds offer a wealth of learning opportunities and outdoor classrooms are increasing in popularity. Many schools across the UK are beginning to look beyond the traditional classroom. Incorporating outdoor learning within the curriculum is becoming more common practice.

An outdoor classroom is an external shelter within the school grounds. It creates an extended covered practical area for outdoor learning and play. Designed to complement existing buildings and surrounding, SmartSpaces explore the benefits an outdoor classroom can bring to your school and children.

Six key benefits to outdoor classrooms
They extend existing learning space

Outdoor classrooms are an ideal solution for schools that need to expand their current classroom space, and maximise the use of their school grounds. So as class sizes increase, with some schools becoming pushed to accommodate rising pupil numbers. Outdoor classrooms provide the extra space needed, without having to extend the school and cause a significant amount of disruption.

They provide an opportunity for hands-on learning

A dedicated outdoor classroom further provides an area for hands-on lessons. Art projects, science experiments or musical lessons that can’t be conducted indoors, now have a dedicated space.

They provide protection from the elements

An outdoor classroom simultaneously offers a sheltered spot in windy or wet weather. Or a shaded area in the hot and sunny weather, so lessons can take place outside all year round. 

They are a great meeting point

Outdoor classrooms significantly create a gathering place for children learning outdoors. Pupils can explore the school grounds, and meet up at the outdoor classroom to share any findings. 

They have numerous uses

A classroom outdoors has more uses than just lessons. Their uses extend to outdoor dining and to encourage social engagement at play times. This is vital for forming relationships and developing communication skills. 

They are permanent and give structure to lessons outdoors

An outdoor classroom provides a permanent space, with outdoor lessons fulfilled without leaving the school grounds, giving long term structure to lessons, and generally allowing teachers to plan there outdoor time.

Why is outdoor learning important?

The opportunity to learn and play outdoors can give children who find it difficult to concentrate or engage inside an alternative option. Installing an outdoor classroom area is something that all schools should seriously consider.

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