Using CAD to Create Your Perfect Garden Room

SmartSpaces offer a unique service as part of our design process, that truly helps you to visualise your garden room. We take a photo of the area where you would like your garden room, and once your site survey is completed, our specialist designers use CAD and CGI tools to bring your garden room vision to life before your very eyes. Yes, you will be able to see your garden room in your garden, before we have even lifted a hammer to build it. Our designers play a crucial role in creating your design specification to maximise available space with precision and accuracy, and we work alongside Studiol49 to provide a comprehensive and bespoke design service. First let us explain what CAD and CGI entails:

CAD stands for “computer aided design”. This is mainly 2D floor plans, 2D section views and maybe some basic 3D modelling, in a wire frame style. Although from a design / manufacturing perspective it’s highly accurate, it tends to leave a lot to the imagination regarding how the structure will sit in its installation environment and what the final finishes will be.

CGI stands for “Computer Generated Imagery”, so the emphasis is much more on the overall image. This includes high quality 3D assets, materials and custom 3D modelling to create an immersive environment. Once lighting, effects, cameras are added to the model a photorealistic image can be achieved. This gives the client the best possible chance at visualising what a garden room will look like in their own environment. Here we show you some of our recent jobs from enquiry right through to final outdoor space.

Guest Accommodation and Office

Our Cumbrian client contacted us as they were looking to create additional guest accommodation with a separate office to allow work life balance. This was a completely bespoke design that incorporated many different areas. First, we created the floor plan which showed the seating, sleeping and study areas. Once the client was happy with this, our designers created the CGI image – this really helped to bring our client’s vision to life.

Pool Room Guest Accommodation and Entertaining Space

This pool room was the second build we completed for our Surrey based client, we had previously built a gym room and they were so pleased with it, that they asked us to create a room alongside their beautiful pool. Again, this was a completely bespoke design that incorporated different areas. The floor plan was first created to lay out the bedroom, shower room, lounge, kitchen, and decking areas. Our designers then created the CGI image, which along with the interior decor and accessories, showed how the hot tub would look on the decking. The room was built using horizontal black cladding, anthracite grey doors and windows and Salt Lake silver decking. This was intended as a space for the whole family to enjoy and was a real wow design

Entertaining Space, Kitchen and Bathroom

Our client required an outside space for entertaining; a building where they could relax after enjoying a BBQ or a hot tub session. This was a bespoke build, and included a pitched roof, entertaining living area, kitchenette and bathroom that included a toilet and shower.

By using our bespoke design service, we can create your unique space with any size, layout or function. We’re here every step of the way to help you achieve your perfect space and really excel by working closely with you.